What Was 2019 Like?

We have entered a new decade of 21st century, opening up a year 2020. So, what was the 2019 like? Let me tell you, pretty intense...


Hiushuone Booster Helsinki

Hairdresser Laura has soul of an artist with undying passion for hair and colours. And boy, she knows her stuff well!

How to Karaoke Alone - safety tips for girls

Some tips on how to stay safe in a karaoke bar, while being out singing on your own. Obviously, I will be talking to the fellow females, but do not shy away all you masculines out there... it might be interesting for you too. :)


100 subscribers on my Youtube

Aww. You, guys!
I cannot believe I actually reached 100 subscribers on my Youtube channel. I have posted only 5 videos so far and it has been so long time ago already!
I guess I have to finally finish the video on Multilingual families...and also a personal video on learning Finnish language.

Thank you all for stopping by! I guess I will see you around :) I have been very busy since May, so not much of a posting here either...but there are some posts half cooked. Stay tuned :)

Picture Andre Guerra. :)


Public transport in Helsinki - New Zones

Again. New changes at the public transport system in Helsinki. New coding of the travel zones, starting from 27.4.2019.


Learning Finnish with Music 3

Translating songs so far has been fun, so I am gonna continue with it. :)
This week we look at a song called "Pitääkö synnytyksessä todellakin olla alapää paljaana?" (Does one really have to have fully naked bottom during labour?) again by a Finnish duo Kalevauva.fi. 


Symphonic poem Finlandia

Let's talk Finlandia, an iconic symphonic poem composed by a beloved Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.


Learning Finnish with Music 2

Let's translate a song called "Sohva haisee perseeltä" (Couch smells like an ass) by a Finnish duo of song-writers and trubadurs Kalevauva.fi. 


Learning Finnish with Music

Let's translate a song called "Mies syö lapsen vanukkaat" by a duo Kalevauva.fi. 
Warning - explicit language included.