How to Get a Divorce in Finland

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash
This is one of the sad posts, guys. I am gonna guide you through a process of separation and a divorce. Practical tips and step by step guidance on how to get divorced in Finland.


Örö island

One of the islands at the Sea Archipelago. Former military area open to the public only in 2015. Pictures included.


St. Lucia´s Day

pic by Bengt Nyman from Flickr
The 13th of December is official St. Lucia's Day and it is filled with traditions. And because my daughter is called Lucia, I simply have to share with you, what I know. :)


Muumi, part 1

Famous Finnish children story characters from a Swedish speaking Finnish writer Tove Jansson. Peek into their world and get to know them.


Fancy karaoke in Helsinki

Let me introduce you to some of the "fancier" karaoke places... where you can not only sing but also dress up and drink in style... :-P


Scheduling an appointment at the doctor in Finland

I prepared a video on what it looks like when you get sick and need to get an appointment at the doctor. Language advice included. Hope it helps you out, once you need it.


Katajanokka hotel in Helsinki

Have you ever stayed overnight in a prison? I have!
Well, in the former one... :) Check out my review on this hotel, built out of a former prison in Helsinki. Pictures included.


An update....

Hey guys, it has been a while, since my last post and I am super greatful that you still kept on coming, reading, browsing through...
I had a pretty rough year, and blogging was unfortunately one of the things I had to put to rest for a while... but you know what?
Now I am back in. :)

Wait for my next blog posts - on Katajanokka Hotel, which was built from an old prison in Helsinki... and on two more karaoke bars in Helsinki I have recently come to liking - Anna K and Wallis.

Love you all!