Scheduling an appointment at the doctor in Finland

I prepared a video on what it looks like when you get sick and need to get an appointment at the doctor. Language advice included. Hope it helps you out, once you need it.


Katajanokka hotel in Helsinki

Have you ever stayed overnight in a prison? I have!
Well, in the former one... :) Check out my review on this hotel, built out of a former prison in Helsinki. Pictures included.


An update....

Hey guys, it has been a while, since my last post and I am super greatful that you still kept on coming, reading, browsing through...
I had a pretty rough year, and blogging was unfortunately one of the things I had to put to rest for a while... but you know what?
Now I am back in. :)

Wait for my next blog posts - on Katajanokka Hotel, which was built from an old prison in Helsinki... and on two more karaoke bars in Helsinki I have recently come to liking - Anna K and Wallis.

Love you all!


Siima (nápoj / a drink)

Tradiční finský nápoj podávaný prvního května.

A traditional Finnish drink served on the first of May.


Live band Karaoke in Kaivopihan Karaokekellari

Have you ever tried to sing with a band? Try Kaivopihan karaokekellari.

Zkoušeli jste někdy zpívat s opravdovou kapelou? Zajděte do Kaivopihan karaokekellari.


Emelie Schepp

Do you enjoy Scandiavian crime fiction? Than you truly must read her book series.

Máte rádi skandinávské detektivky? Tak to si musíte přečíst jednu z jejích knih.


The Moomin World

Muumitalo :)
If you want to see Moomies "in real", you must visit their island Naantali!

Jestli chcete "potkat" Mumínky, navštivte jejich ostrov v Naanatali.


What with Kids in Winter? / Co s dětmi v zimě?

Have you ever wondered, what to do with those damned kids, in that damned wet and cold weather?

Přemýšleli jste někdy o tom, co dělat s těmi vašimi zatracenými dětmi, v tom zatraceném, mokrém a studeném počasí? 


How to Deal with Finnish Winter?/ Jak na finskou zimu

Very actual topic. Winter is here... how to deal with the lack of sun and warmth in your life? My first video blog!

Aktuální téma. Zima je tady...jak se vypořádat s nedostatkem slunce a tepla? Můj první video blog - anglicky.