Learning Finnish with Music

Let's translate a song called "Mies syö lapsen vanukkaat" by a duo Kalevauva.fi. 
Warning - explicit language included.

I have discovered these two guys just yesterday and had a real blast listening to their songs. Thank you, my dearest friend Marianne :)

Name of the band Kalevauva.fi is a word play on KALEVALA (is a 19th-century compilation of Finnish oral folklore and mythology compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Karelian- see Wikipedia) and vauva.fi (one of the biggest and oldest discussion forums in Finland dedicated to parenting, pregnancy and family, but people discuss there literally everything).

The duo Aapo Niinisen and Kimmo Nummisen are reading through the discussions and making songs out of the gems of the specific threads. Check out their webpage kalevauva.fi.

(Husband is eating a pudding for kids) - warning, explicit language included.
Video under the lyrics :) The lyrics do sound harsh (especially if you are a man, a father and you have at some point eaten your kids' pudding :) ), so I do recommend to read it while listening to the song. :)

Mies syö lapsen vanukkaat / Husband is eating a pudding for kids
Mies syö lapsen vanukkaat / Husband is eating a pudding for kids
Voi vitun vittu / What the fucking fuck
Miten voi olla noin itsekäs ja typerä? / How can he be so selfish and stupid?

Ostin neuvolan ohjeen mukaan / I bought according to the neuvola instructions (neuvola = family health center)
Puolukkamehua kaupasta / A lingonberry juice.
Oli yöllä mennyt koko purkki / The jar was gone within one night
Kun mies oli tehnyt vähän mehua / When my husband prepared for himself a little bit of juice.
Vittu kun ärsyttää saatana / What a fucking annoyance.

Kerran ostin pillimehun / Once I bought some juiceboxes.
Meillä oli myös litran tölkeissä mehua / We had at home also 1-liter carton juice.
No mies oli ottanut sen pillimehun / Well, my husband took the juicebox,
Vitun possu / 
Fucking pig.
Aikuinen mies ja lutkuttaa jotain suklaavanukkaita / Adult man and sucks onto a chocolate pudding.

Ei ristus / Oh Christ.

Olen keksinyt piilottaa vanukkaat / I though of hiding the puddings
Jääkaapin vihanneslokeroon / Into the vegetable compartment.
Sieltä mies ei ikinä tajua etsiä / He will never think of searching it there.
Samaan piiloon laitan myös HK:siniset / I will hide there also HK:siniset (= a sausage brand)

Mies syö lapsen vanukkaat / Husband is eating a pudding for kids.
Laittoi viimeiset maidot kaakaoon / He put the rest of the milk into the hot chocolate.
Ei jeesus mikä possu / oh Jesus, what a pig.
Mies syö lapsen vanukkaat / 
Husband is eating pudding for kids.


  • mies - a husband, a man
  • syödä - to eat 
  • possu - a pig
  • itsekäs - selfish
  • typerä - silly, goofy, stupid
  • vanukas -  a pudding
  • ostaa - to buy
  • puolukka - a lingonberry
  • mehu - a juice
  • tölkki - a carton, a can
  • pilimehu - juicebox
  • ottaa - to take
  • lutkuttaa - to suck
  • piilottaa - to hide

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